The journey so far...


For some time Hafod has been exploring what it means to be an innovative housing and care organisation and what it might look like if people, practitioners and organisations were to have greater control of their needs. This timeline shows the foundational work done to this point and what has guided and informed the journey so far.

1. Recognising the need for change

Traditional housing service delivered working to standardised KPIs - measuring the negative, not the positive. This prompted a review of service delivery and focused on understanding how we deliver more sustainable tenancies, reduction in evictions and abandonments.



2. Intensive housing services pilot

Hafod understanding not all tenants trust their landlord to reveal what is happening in their lives:

• Universal Credit doorstep door knocking exercise spoke to over 3,500 tenants

• Using the Insight system we can perform pre-tenancy financial credit checks

• Intensive housing service pilot

3. Housing service pilot feedback sessions

Housing services are reactive and respond to problems

• Unintentional divide between tenants & landlord

• Service delivery is remote, office based and reliant on sending letters and posting on our website

• Lack of face-to-face contact limits understanding of what is important to tenants



4. Hafod neighbourhood coaching

• Introduction of more Neighbourhood Coaches & coaching approach to housing services

• Smaller ‘patches’

• Emphasis on personal engagement with our tenants

• Identify tenant and community potential, not problems