Wales Leading the Way in Transforming Housing and Care


Our Caring for the Future change lab took place on April 18th & 19th and was able to kick start a conversation about the future of care & social housing in Wales.

We were joined by colleagues from across local and national government, housing cooperatives, and public health. The lab focused on innovation across the system recognising change has to span from policy and procurement to service provision and the social contract. Hafod is committed to making this future a reality and helping Wales become more prosperous, resilient, healthier, equal and globally responsible. 




Transforming the future of housing & care in Wales.

With our significant scale and scope of delivery across care and social housing, Hafod is in a position to innovate, developing revolutionary ideas to integrate housing, health and care. Working with residents and partners in Wales we intend to disrupt and transform, helping to build neighbourhoods truly fit for the 21st century. 

However, we are fully aware that we cannot do this alone, so we’ve launched a movement called ‘Caring for the Future’.

Rebecca Evans, Minster for Housing and Regeneration supports our approach she said: “We all need to work together to ensure housing, health and social care services work together seamlessly in Wales, and Hafod is taking a fresh approach to tackling the challenges this creates. It’s a great opportunity to look at things from a different angle and really get to the heart of how we can work together to improve people’s lives in Wales.” 


A challenge we can't face alone.

Wales is at a moment of radical
transformation. From the impacts of
austerity, an ageing population, rising
levels of poverty, isolation and inequality
– the very basis of our social contract is at

Yet the new technology, new business
models and new models of cooperation
and coordination are inviting the catalyst
for change.

This isn't a challenge we can overcome alone.

Will you join us and help transform housing and care for the people of Wales?

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Creating a movement

Caring for the Future is a systems challenge - and not one we can solve alone.

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Moving beyond silos

Making this future a reality requires us to transform together, both internally and together as a movement.


Leading from the front

In recognition of our collective responsibilities we are hosting an intensive change lab to understand what a caring neighbourhood fit for the 21st century looks like.


Responding to change

The Welsh Government recognises that our existing ways of measuring care outcomes requires new thinking, and is leading by example with key shifts in policy.


From glass half empty to half full 


Shifting the aspirations and outcome metrics from ones that are purely deficit based - glass half empty - to a more asset based model - glass half full - is the only way we can unlock potential in our communities, drive greater involvement with people, engagement amongst staff and innovation capacity within the